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Retailers Toolkit

Food safety resources for retailers.

Retailers Toolkit

This page compiles food safety resources and templates for retail establishments. We are currently developing this page- so check back frequently for updates. 

HACCP Plan Templates

Resources for Cheese Quality

How to Videos from Neal's Yard Dairy

Cheese Department Training Resources

Retail Consortium Level 1 Audit

Cheese on the Retail Counter

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Product Sampling From Retail Stores: What to Expect

How much cheese is taken when a sample is collected? Does it consist of cut pieces or whole pieces?

Typically, a sample includes a few pieces of a particular cheese - and often whole wheels. It is typically representative of what the producer originally sent out, to avoid possible retail cross-contamination.


The following chart is taken from the Investigations Operations Manual Subchapter 4, Page 205-206.

Will I be informed if someone is an inspector? Will they be an FDA representative or from a local agency?

They should identify themselves as FDA representatives - though they won’t always do so. Usually they will communicate it at the store level. It is typically someone from FDA or someone working on their behalf. It is good practice to ask for identification of the inspector.


Will I be compensated for the samples taken?

FDA will pay for samples, though some companies choose to provide the samples at no charge. There are two main ways to pay for samples. The sample costs may be billed to the district or cash may be used to pay for the sample. 

Do they share the results with me?

Results are typically shared with the producers only.


Should you call your distributor or the producer to let them know about the sampling?  

Absolutely! As a courtesy, we recommend calling the supplier or producer to let them know. Be sure to let them know which batch or lot code was taken for a sample. 

State and Federal Regulations and Resources

Listeria Management Resources

Recall Management Resources